1. A sampler of my Instagram of moments and process.


  2. Samuel, a talented cellist, calligrapher, and visual artist, doing a cello recording for a competition. He sells his art and calligraphic wonders on Etsy.


  3. A Barnes excursion with Sierra


  4. Alex and Max hiking Mt. Elden.

    I wrote a short reflection about this hike.


  5. BTS shooting in Wukoki with Alexander.


  6. From Wukoki Pueblo, you can see the San Francisco Peaks (and, I’ve just realized, mid-image to the left, the vertical blur is the Andromeda Galaxy).


  7. A lunar halo (aka 22° halo) around the moon, created by light refracted by millions of tiny hexagonal ice crystals in the atmosphere.

    The detail image shows the ring intersecting Hamal (α Ari), the brightest star in Ares.


  8. "There’s nothing like a crisis to make you focus, think clearly, and be able to present what you know in that moment."
    — Ezra Caldwell, Made by Hand / No 5 The Bike Maker (8:34)

  9. An interesting poster entitled “Know Your Rights & Resist the Police State” stapled to a pole (downtown Flagstaff).

    I searched for the title and found the downloadable PDF. It’s from a Free Skool Santa Cruz workshop on individual rights with “detentions, arrest, searches, interrogation, jail, warrants, and police infiltration” (modes.io).


  10. A cold, beautiful night at Wukoki Pueblo.


  11. Playing around with textures, blending modes, and data bending.


  12. I woke up early to catch this sight near near Sunset Crater.
    The last sunrise of 2013.


  13. Rebecca playing piano (phenomenally, of course)


  14. Walking, driving, and coffee-ing with Rebecca, back in Flagstaff.